Catering Harian Menu With Prices Indonesia

Are you looking for the perfect Catering Harian Menu services in Indonesia? Look no further because we have just the right services for you!

Affordable Daily Catering Services

Organizing an event can be an expensive venture, but with our daily catering services you can make your day special without breaking the bank! Prices are very affordable, so you can have tasty meals in the comfort of your own home, workplace or any where else you choose.

Great Variety of Meals

We have a great variety of meals for different occasions including daily meals for the full family or smaller groups of people. Our meals include:

    • Asian Dishes – traditional meals from various regions of Asia with flavorful spices and delicious sauces.
    • Western Dishes – classic meals from Europe and the U.S.A. with popular flavors and excellent quality.
    • Healthy Dishes – light, nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients and natural flavors.

Price List

us have made the price list easy and understandable by including the price per meal and total cost for each dish. Here are some examples:

    • Asian Dishes – For 3 people, the price per meal is 25.000 Rp, and the total cost is 75.000 Rp.
    • Western Dishes – For 5 people, the price per meal is 30.000 Rp, and the total cost is 150.000 Rp.
    • Healthy Dishes – For 2 people, the price per meal is 20.000 Rp, and the total cost is 40.000 Rp.

Book Our Catering Services Today

We hope you will try our daily catering services and make your special day as enjoyable and cost-effective as possible. For more information or to book our services please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you for choosing our catering services in Indonesia!

Menu Catering Harian With Prices Indonesia

Are you in need of a daily catering service in Indonesia? Look no further! We offer a full range of menu options and prices for you to choose from. Our exceptionally high quality meals are freshly prepared daily for your convenience.

Catering Menu

Our catering menu offers a variety of dishes including:

  • Main course dishes: Rice, noodles/pasta, fried chicken, grilled fish, tofu, tempeh, various vegetables
  • Side dishes: Sauteed vegetables, fried tempeh, potato wedges, spiced nuts
  • Desserts: Fruits, cookies, cakes, pudding

All menu items are made with the freshest ingredients and prepared by experienced chefs.


Our prices depend on the specific items selected, but start from as low as IDR20.000. To get the best deal, please contact us for a detailed quotation on the exact items and quantity you need. We also provide additional services such as table set-up and decorations, staffed buffet tables and beverages. These services are available for an additional fee.

Thank you for considering our catering services for your event! Please contact us for more information or to place an order.

 Catering Harian Menu With Prices Indonesia

Catering services have gained popularity in Indonesia over the years, providing individuals and businesses with high quality and creative food options. With so many amazing menu items to choose from at a range of different prices Indonesia, it’s easy to see why opting for a catering service to take care of your next meal is such a great idea.

Catering Menu Options

Here’s a closer look at some of the catering menu options available in Indonesia:


  • French Toast – IDR 54,000
  • Omelette – IDR 35,000
  • Porridge – IDR 34,000


  • Grilled Chicken – IDR 110,000
  • Garlic Fried Rice – IDR 46,600
  • Fried Noodles – IDR 48,000


  • Grilled Salmon – IDR 79,000
  • Gado Gado – IDR 64,000
  • Curry Chicken – IDR 60,000

Why Choose Catering?

Catering provides a convenient solution to your mealtime needs. You don’t have to waste time shopping for ingredients or slaving away in the kitchen, or have to worry about running out of time to make a meal. With catering, all you have to do is pick your menu and the meal is taken care of -simple and stress-free!

Not to mention, the high quality and delicious meals that you can get from catering services are hard to beat. Caterers utilise professional chefs and fresh ingredients to create the perfect meal for you and your guests.


Catering is a great option if you’re looking for high quality, delicious meals. With so many amazing menu items to choose from and prices ranging from IDR 34,000 to IDR 110,000, you’re sure to find the perfect meal for you and your guests. So, if you’re looking for a convenient way to handle your mealtime needs, look no further than catering.

Catering Harian Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the meaning of the word catering?

Catering is the activity of providing food and drink for a large number of people, for example at weddings and parties.

2.What is a catering person called?

caterer. / (ˈkeɪtərə) / noun. a person who caters, esp one who as a profession provides food for large social events, etc. Slang.

3.Which department is catering?

Food and Beverage Service Department.

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